3 month portraits

MaKenna & Sheldon

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing two siblings for some special occasion portraits! MaKenna was just recently baptized and her brother, Sheldon is getting blessed this month. So we planned to take their portraits around Temple Square in their beautiful white outfits :)


Evan - 4 months

Last week I photographed sweet little Evan for his 4 month portraits! I got a new basket specifically for his shoot and was super excited to test it out. I love the photos we got and all his little chubby rolls!


Alyson - 3 months

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!! Now it's time for me to play catch up! A little over a week ago I photographed adorable little Alyson for her 3 month portraits. I love how these turned out! She is such a doll and did so well :)