Wendy G's Photo Blog

Taya - 8 months

I was so excited to have my cousin's beautiful little girl in my studio last week! Isn't she just too adorable?? She was so funny and practically stuck her tongue out the entire session!


Johnson Family

Two weeks ago I had a wonderful session with the Johnson family! They were so well behaved, smiled on cue and were all just so adorable! Beautiful beautiful family. So glad I had the opportunity to work with them!


Amanda - Bridals

My beautiful cousin is getting married today! I had to keep her bridal photos hidden since the groom will be seeing her dress for the first time at their wedding ceremony. Amanda is such a beautiful bride! I'm so excited for them!


Eisley - 3 weeks

Sweet Eisley was unexpectedly born several weeks early. I was so excited when she was able to go home so I could meet her. What a beautiful little girl. So squishy, cuddly and perfect in all ways! <3


Jenny & Garrett - Engagements

Last month I had an amazing, last minute, engagement session with Jenny and Garrett! They live in Texas and were looking into wedding locations and saw some of my photos online. A few days later they flew in to check out Alta Lodge and we took their engagements that same day! I'm really looking forward to their wedding later this year :)


Monica & Bobby Milbourn

A BIG congratulations to Monica and Bobby on their wedding day! After having some iffy weather, it turned out to be a sunny, gorgeous day. Both looked stunning and so happy. I wish these two THE very best!!



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Amanda & Casey - Engagements

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph another beautiful cousin of mine! Amanda and Casey had me laughing the whole time with their lack of modeling experience ;) I love the color combo they chose and think the photos turned out super cute! I hope you both love them!


Monica - Bridals

A couple weeks ago I had a beautiful session with Monica and Bobby! Her favorite color is blue, so the entire location was so fitting :) We started just taking her individual bridal portraits and then covered Bobby's eyes so she could surprise him with her beautiful dress! Then off we went to take breathtaking couple portraits.



Just like always, I had an awesome session with Larusso last weekend!We took a few time laps photos to go along with their new album title. I love how they turned out!